söndag 22 november 2009

Cerrys Letter.

This is the time,the right time to explain my crime
I can't expose the plan,I can't say what I've done
And that cures I have to carry,leads to Cherry.

Cherry was my best friend,and now she have a letter I have to send
"The letter of Cherry."

My anger run out,like wather in the sand
I couldn't hold back.
I hit her,I hit her hard.

Cherrys head hit the table,she started to screem.
I beat her up,not much,only a little bit.
"You must have to learn YOUR place in this world",I said and hit her even harder.

And then..Cherry just lay there,don't say a thing.
Didn't move,not even a sound.

I turn around and go out of her room.
Don' turn around.

I always go to Cherry,because she doesn't feel a thing,don't say a word.
Cherry have learn her place in this world,have you?

/Skriven och påhittad av Elina Fernlund

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